Wipe New Headlight Restore Works!!

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The weather has finally cooperated so that I could use this amazing product outside on hubby's car.  It is powerful stuff, both in terms of performance and odor :)

There's a small scrubby and soft cloth included, and the directions are simple:  Wet the headlight with water, use the green side of the scrubby to clean the headlight, then turn it over and use the gray side.  Use the soft cloth to dry the headlight.

Put on the gloves, open the Wipe New package.  Remove the saturated cloth and wipe over the headlight one time.  It's not easy to wipe just one time; I think I went over a bit of it more than once, but that didn't seem to matter.  It worked instantly!

I also did the taillights.  They weren't as bad, but they improved more than I expected.  Sorry for the before pic - I was shooting into the sun.

The lights on my vehicle were not cloudy, but I did them, too, all with the same package of Wipe New.  They too look better!  I'm impressed!

Thank you, Rust-Oleum and Creator's Studio, for the products!  I truly appreciate all that you do for all of us!