Trash to treasure fun!

Submitted to Community Chat

Yikes... I learned today that for my beloved trash to treasure to be seen, I must give it a shout out, so here goes; below is a link to my submission.  DH and I steadily worked to bring this frame back to life.  My 80+ year-old parents love it; it was theirs from years ago, and it ended up stashed in their barn.  If you have some coin to share, we'll truly appreciate it, as will my parents.  I've been happily dropping coins here and there and feeling the comraderie. With all the negativity in the news, this place is a sanctuary!

I'm enjoying checking out every single project, and I'm learning a lot.  I'm thrilled to be a part of this challenge and this community.  Thank you, Rustoleum, and Rustoleum Peeps!  xoxo... Bonnie :)