Repurposed Shabby Jewelry Holder from old Spoon Holder

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Start now in time for the Holidays! 

Collecting spoons was all the rage thirty-five years ago.  These days the spoons’ wooden display cabinets can be found for only a couple of dollars at many, many thrift stores.  Grab a few for the ladies on your Christmas list and paint them with Rustoleum’s chalk paint.  If the spoon holder is dirty, clean it with some glass cleaner, but there is no need to prime.

Keep the brush rather dry so you don’t lose any carved detail your display case might have.  Lightly sand the edges for a nice rustic look.  Add some white aluminum trim nails and cups hooks to hold jewelry. 

Makes a great gift, but an even better gift by hanging a bracelet, necklace, or earrings on it before you gift it.