Little blue truck

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Little blue truck rides again.

Took this new Walmart unbreakable red truck ornament and customized it with Rustoleum, clay
and the Gator mico sander.

The Rustoleum American accent ultra cover gloss deep blue is the perfect color to replicate this storybook truck character.

Created much like redesigning that hot wheel-matchbox toy previously.
After priming took a step backwards and ended up building out the truck features with air dry clay, repriming and painting and of course a shiny semigloss sealer with a little sprinkle of glitter/ glitter paint.
Customized with personal notation vinyl decal with on the bottom and the license plate for the year. Made a tiny tiny wreath for the front grill but can’t find it right now.

Running late ….I know. One day I learn.
Beep beep beep another upstyled custom Christmas ornament for the boys.