Making marble!

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I'd had an idea for a while about trying an epoxy marble effect after seeing videos floating around on You Tube.

However this weekend I went to an Epoxy demo and that gave me the push I needed to buy it and try it.

In a nutshell I used a spare piece of 3/4 birch ply as my base - mixed my epoxy - added a white pigment to the main batch and made 3 small batches with black / gold and grey tints.

I poured the white over the whole base and then drizzled the other colours through to create the veining, using a feather / pipe cleaner etc to drag the colours through.

I do have a time lapse of this on my Instagram if anyone wants to see :)

When this dried I was so happy with it that I made a some walnut sides for it and called it a tray. The walnut is finished with Varathane Diamond Polyurethane (my go to finish)

This stuff is so addicting though - so if you decide to try it - you have been warned xx

I'm going to be making a countertop for our bathroom using this effect so there will be a video tutorial coming :)