Advice please- potential outdoor sealer failure? Edit 5/31 self corrected?

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Spar Urethane Problem 😬

Last year newly constructed a pair of new table tops made of cedar boards decoratively painted and sealed it with Varathane Ultimate Spar Urethane satin.
Table top sealed followed by a decorative center medallion painted and resealed with dry time allowed. The existing wood ski legs were also lightly sanded and sealed with same sealer.
Results looked fabulous.

My product research told me that this product would be good for both =outdoor furniture and a cedar mailbox post seemingly indicating it would be OK for use with the tables. It was purchased solely for this project.

The application directions were followed carefully, multiple coats (4-5+) applied and timed as directed. Sealer went on somewhat cloudy and dried crystal clear. Tables were treated with caution to have a full cure and even temperature acclimation for months before exposed outdoors. Left the stacked pair of tables to stay indoors all fall and winter and recently displayed outdoors.

After this year‘s heaviest rainfall last night the sealers finish seems to be clouding. Particularly noted at the table top edges and at the nail gun insertion points. Some general spotting on the legs.

What has gone wrong?
Is this a one and done or is this a sealer failure going to further spread?

How would you suggest correcting or is total removal necessary?
Any thoughts on how to salvage the project would be very much appreciated.

I can accept and embrace some of this cloudiness as a weathered salty spray look but don’t know how to stop further deterioration if that's the pending diagnosis. If this can be arrested it could be part of a weathered appearance.

Sadly thinking about going back to Ultracover. My chair legs for my ski chair are fine more than five years later outside in the same conditions. My only heartbreak....I do hope— I do not have to sand off the vintage decal details on table legs.

Thank you for your time and trouble to review the photographs and potentially help rescue my exterior sealer problem discovered today.

Edit 5/31 Five new photos added- can be viewed as the last 5
The tables seem to have mysteriously magically self corrected with the switch sunny weather.

Maybe this is an expected outcome....or is there any corrective action necessary?
I appreciate your help to educate me to this new-to-me exterior product.