DIY dough bowl!!

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Don't you just love those old dough bowls hey! !! Gorgeously aged and just the right shape for a table vignette to boot! Downside is the price for an original :( So I set to changing that to see if I could make one myself !!! Turns out you can - using an old globe / card / duck tape / joint compound and some paint and stain !!! I've posted pics of the steps below and they are pretty self explanatory but if anyone needs to know any details give me a shout! The only step that doesn't have pics is the finishing because I get lot in doing this part - but basically once the bowl was dry and sanded down - I sprayed it with primer- painted it a beige brown and them rubbed different stain colours all over it to get the colour I wanted !!! Finished off with a waterproof spa varnish for protection! !