Dollar project $0.97 each-Thanksgiving Plaques- one day project

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Still rolling along using American Accents Ultra Cover.

Inexpensive $0.97 wooden 5x7 plaques decorated with on hand supplies and decoupaged with ( free Pharmacy) 5x7 photo reprints of vintage postcards.
Computer print outs on card stock could likely work too. Stiff paper works best. Be sure to apply fixative the computer ink before modgepodging as the ink will smear with any paint-on liquid application.

Plaques primed then painted with American Accents Ultra cover both back and front.
Photos both sprayed with fixative.

Red -Give Thanks
5x7 print trimmed down slightly to allow decorative beveled edge on plaque to be viewed.
Spray adhesived to red plaque. Modgepodge is applied both vertically and horizontally after allowing first coat to completely dry. This crosshatching of sealer gives a texture similar to canvas. 
Darkened red black antiqued color added to beveled edge.
Small details enhanced on top of modgepodge finish with acrylic craft paints.
Sealed with Rustoleum Matte clear enamel spray.

Black- Turkey
Turkey silloutte cut out.
Background landscape handpainted on black plaque done to replicate the eliminated cropped out photo background. Modgepodged the cut out turkey to plaque on top of new background. Again two layers of crosshatching modgepodge texture to help embed the decoupage cut out.
Subtle details added with craft paints to add dimension and disguise decoupage transition.
Sealed with Rustoleum Matte clear enamel spray.

Plaques can be set on an easel, shelf, mantle, wall or I may center mine on my fall metallic leaf garland that was made earlier.

Finished up two more epoxy coated pumpkins.
Next project -unconventional Christmas ornament using Rustoleums aluminum spray paint. Stay tuned.