yet another robot running around the house!

Submitted to Community Chat

Gosh, I've been missing you all lately! I've been volunteering with my community's winterization program and with the sudden cold snap, we've been snowed under! (I hear those groans!)
Pretty much all of my projects have ground to a standstill right now except for this little guy. He's a kit I bought at the thrift store that hadn't even been opened.

He was a particularly toylike shade of yellow and black that honestly looked pretty cheap, so I dressed him up a bit. I'm not quite done yet, because I was wanting suggestions on a bright playful color for minor accents to make him pop.
The main color is Rust-Oleum titanium metallic, the darker parts are Rust-Oleum black stainless steel, and his face is Rust-Oleum metallic rose gold.
If you have any suggestions for trim colors, please let me know!