Faux wood floors on a tight budget

Submitted to Community Café

My 17 year old son had extra time on his hands since he was not working during the stay at home order. He wanted to wall in an area of our walk out basement to make a bedroom for himself. He is on a youth apprecticeship with a local builder and I am quite impressed with his framing and drywalling skills. This has been something we wanted to do for awhile but never had the time. Now we had the time but had to try and do it on a tight budget. I had seen people making paper bag floors so did some research and this was the end result. I cut the planks while my daughter painted them with watered down latex paint and a wood grain tool. We then adhered them to the painted concrete with 50/50 Elmer's glue and water. Once dry we I put down multiple coats of Varathane  No Odor Floor Finish, I am beyond happy with the results! Total cost or floor was under $60. It was very labor intensive though.