Curvy Legs

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I am a sucker for on line auctions!!! That's where I found this! In the pictures provided, all I saw were two curvy legs sticking up, some other pieces of wood, a small mirror, and that was it?? Well... I like to challenge myself to see what I can do with these legs?? It was sitting on its top, sooo I had no idea what they were?? I went to pick up my winnings, around $ 12.00... pretty good, as I wanted some wood for making signs.. got all my things in the car, and included was this piece of pink, YES, pink marble with gray grain... OK??? Got it all home and realized the marble went on TOP of those curvy legs. I have never seen a table like this... have you?? Let me know, as I would love to know what era it's from?? It hangs ON the wall... just very unique, so different!!! Well it was time.....I went to work. Stripping, and stripping....five times, and thought this would never come off?? It took about a week... then wiped it down with mineral spirits, lightly soapy water, then just plain water..a couple of times. I then let it sit in the sun to dry. Finally, time to paint!! OH, pink just is not an option!! I like pink, but not for this?? It sat a couple of days, I looked at it with the marble from time to came to me.... SILVER!!! I took off to the store and bought two cans of Rustoleum Spray SILVER!! Both under $10.00. Got gack home and lightly sprayed front, let dry, back, let dry, and repeated 4-5 times, just to make sure everything was covered!! Turned out....WAY too shiney??? Now what to do? I went to my arsenal of goodies and found some dark antique glaze?? Would that work???  I tried an area, let it dry.... WOW... what a difference!!! No of course I did NOT take a picture of it being tooo shiney. Oh well, it turned out Great.... or so I think it did!! Tell me what you think?? If you are in the Atlanta area, it's For Sale... I love it, it's just not my decor!!! I would love to hear your thoughts?? Trust me, you will not hurt my feelings...this is not for everyone!! Enjoy!!!