Supporting Water Conservation: Shareback

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How do Creator's Studio members support water conservation? Read on!

  • Go veggie!!!
  • Native plants and not using the “tap water” supply for landscape watering.
  • Plant water wise plants
  • Drought tolerant perennials
  • Respecting resources respectfully
  • Rain barrels
  • Moss in the lawn saves on watering!
  • Use rain water as much as possible
  • Drought tolerant plants and shrubs
  • Reclaimed water
  • Watch the kitchen tap

Thanks to @Bastler, @Vimarhonor, @vanessa6297, @Glamamom, @Foxyowl32, @whitfordj, @TeresaLKimball, @Artistrybyshaw, @Abobbi, and @Lois Barber for sharing your top tips on sustainable water use in your homes and yards.

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