Patriotic Pinwheels

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Hi there! I am making so many different decorations for 4th of July! Our country's' birthday! Aren't these adorable!
Now i made more than 4, so I hope you don't get confused by pictures. The first thing I did was take each scrapbook paper and cut 5" squares. After your squares are cut, glue two coordinating colors together back to back with white glue.

When your squares have dried, take one and your ruler, and draw a line diagonally corner to corner.This will create a X. Now..take your ruler and on the line, measure from outside to inside 3 inches. Make a small line to mark the 3" on each line

Do this on each line that you made, on each square. Now, put some of the tacky glue in the center. Take one point and fold it over to the center where the glue is. You are going to continue to fold every other point, using the tacky glue to keep it down.

When you are finished with each one, add a button or whatever you want.Now take your skewers, even popsicle sticks, and paint 2 red and 2 white. I used Rustoleum 2x.

When they were dry, I hot glued the pinwheel to the skewer. 

So there you have it! The first project. Most of the supplies, you already have.