so this came...

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Thank you Rustoleum!!  
This is my prize package for winning the Room Make-Over  challenge last month!
Everything I need to clean, prep, seal and beautify my cruddy "dungeon" basement/garage floors and cinderblock is here... plus a bunch of "small project" supplies  to keep me busy with the slew of things that could use a new look around here! 

Now the crazy fun gets to start! -- unpacking the garage and basement and getting things going! 
I hope to get this project done sooner than later, but with a challenging/time consuming new job it might take a little longer than don't hold your breath folks!
But  I am  super eager to get going,  and make my basement something that is not such a gross embarrasemnt  so I'll pop in once in a while to keep you updated...  I  hope to have it all done by this summer and hope to do you all proud with my results!  :) 

Thanks again  to Lana and Michelle and everyone at Rustoleum-  you have been patient in dealing with my haphazard schedule and of course unbelieveably generous with such a gift...and thanks again to you all who voted for me to win!