One Off New Years Resolutions List (Family Room Cabinets)

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If you remember, and I'm sure you do...I have a large to do list for this year. Well, I can mark off one of those...My cabinets in the family room! I was recently given a kit of the Rust Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit from Rust Oleum to try. I had never tried this particular product, and was very interested in seeing how well it works.As you can see...the cabinets are dark and gloomy. They make the whole room the kitchen did before I painted those. I started out by taking off all the cabinet doors. Remove all the knobs and hardware. If your going to reuse them, just clean and put in a container. You can even use Rustoleum spray paint to spray the hinges a different color. Place them in some styrofoam to keep them in place while spraying.
But even if you are going to throw them out, keep one of the hinges so you can use the same kind. If you are doing a larger area, draw a sketch of your cabinets. Number the cabinets on the sketch, and mark the cabinets with coordinating number. As you can see below, I marked each door on the inside area where the hinge was. This way, you don’t have to paint that area, and the numbers will help you remember which went where.Preparation is the key…as in most refinishing projects.I used Painters Tape to protect other surfaces. the insides of the cabinet were dark like the outside. I painted the insides with 2 coats of white paint. Be sure it’s dry before adding 2nd coat.It’s starting to look better already! I am going to be fixing the counter top you see above. But, that’s another day.

It’s starting to look better already! I am going to be fixing the counter top you see above. But, that’s another day.The first step is to clean and degloss the wood. You can see mine has a lot of shine to them. I cleaned the cabinets with soap and water. Let Dry. The next step is to use the Deglosser (It comes with the kit). The deglosser strips off that shine, so the paint can absorb into the wood. I thought this was going to be a messy job…but it wasn’t. Be sure to wear gloves,and add deglosser to the scrub pad (which is provided ). You then wipe the wood going along the grain of the wood. 

When you purchase the kit, you chose light, medium , or dark tint kit. I chose the light tint. It covers colors from white to a light grey. I chose the Winter Fog.

I have decided I want to put on the molding as I did on the kitchen cabinets as I did here.... and decide afterwards if I want to do the glazing. Check out my full tutorial and keep checking in for the molding tutorial at do you like it??? BE NICE