Need help...upcycle or???

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My fellow Creators!!  I am in need of help.   I need all of your thinking caps put on!  Mine is rusted out.  LOL

As you can tell from the pictures I've attached, I have a huge headboard/ wall unit peice that goes with the bedroom set.   Bought it a loooong time ago from Thomasville. The rest of my house has been updated except for my master bedroom.   It's in excellent condition. It's just too big!   It's strongly made and I hate to get rid of it, if something can be done.  

I'm usually good at envisioning new transformations, but this one...I am stuck!   I've looked online and just can not find anything that can give me inspiration.   

I am open to your advice and ideas!!  

Please excuse the large dog crate in the corner.  We have a 6 month old great dane puppy who can not be trusted as of yet when I leave the house.   He's a big boy and can do some major damage if left unattended. It won't be for too much longer that he will fit in it.  He's already weighing in at 98 pounds.  His father is 225 pounds and his mom is I am probably looking at 200 lbs when he's fully grown.