Guest Room Update

Submitted to Community Chat

I finally finished the guest room update.  We have twin Godchildren who were sleeping on a captain's bed with a pull out lower bed, but as they are getting older there were arguments about who slept on the upper or lower (it was time for new beds).  They also argued about the outlets because most of them were covered by the furniture and only one was readily available.

Solution, twin beds with built in outlets and USB ports - I added the overhead lamps, so if one wanted to go to sleep, the other could stay awake and play games, read or whatever.  The side table fits between and has lift out trays if they want to move it to the bed beside them.  A rack for clothes and backpacks will hopefully keep all of that off the floor.  There is a very large cabinet with doors  on the wall opposite the bed that holds the TV, X-box, and a multitude of my craft supplies that I still need to refinish, but that will be a job for the end of summer when it cools (I can't make up my mind on a color right now anyway).