Sweetness Overload

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In my New Year’s resolution entry, I said I would be starting 2020 with major surgery and the outpouring of prayers and well wishes here has been amazing! @Colors is one of the craftiest DIY’ers here and it seems she’s always working on new things~her Christmas gnomes were a huge hit and she continues to pump them out, each one cuter than the last! I asked her if she had any suggestions on some small things I could do while recovering and before I knew it there was a package on my front porch with absolutely everything needed to make a gnome of my own!! She also sent a precious Valentines gnome that she had made. Her kindness and generosity are beyond words, there’s not too many people like her in the world anymore and I feel blessed to have met her thru the Studio. This is the 2nd time in two weeks the caring and compassion I feel from here in the studio has just left me speechless and reduced me to happy tears! Thank you so much Roberta, this is one of the kindest gestures ever bestowed upon me. ❤️
i can’t wait to get the little guy done and will definitely share pics when I do.