My Outdoor Piano Bench

Submitted to Community Chat

A friend of mine had their deck floor replaced and she asked me if I wanted any of the scrap pieces. I certainly have a reputation of taking any "stuff" to re-use.  There were various sizes of 5/4" thick x 6" wide pressure treated wood, mostly in various lengths, ranging from about 14" to 26" long.  

I needed an out door bench! I thought about a few designs since the boards had to run the width of the bench because they weren't too long. Oh, now what about if  I make the 2x4 frame to accept 8 boards, I'll have an octave and paint them like piano keys.  I used the legs from an old footboard in the front and 4x4 scraps for the back legs. 

I'm so pleased and it's such a fun place to sit.