Stacks of Hearts

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I did a project for my fireplace with all wood hearts. I painted the hearts with Testor’s craft paints and glued them in place with E6000 then added the galvanized words with the E6000. I hung them on my mantle with some really sticky heart stickers cause they’re so light weight. The entire project was only $9.00 and they turned out great. 
I got the wood hearts, the galvanized words and the really sticky heart stickers (for hanging) at the Dollar Tree. I had the Testor’s craft paint but if you needed to buy it, I got mine at Menard’s for I think around $1.50 a bottle. I used Island Breeze and Fuschia on mine. Such a simple and easy project with the right materials on hand. Great fun!!:) This would be a great kids craft if an adult did the glue part. I know you could just use Elmers on the wood hearts but the galvanized words were the reason I used E6000. I don’t know maybe the Elmers would hold them too but since I wasn’t sure I used the E6000, which I think I got at the Dollar Tree too.