Document those memories and future projects

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Guys and Gals,

Christmas is over and numerous DIY projects were made. Time to grab that digital camera and record the ones you want to make for next year. I build projects all year long and usually build my Christmas projects / presents in June, July, and August. That gives me time during the approach of the holiday to grab that new idea and go to work without the obligation of the projects I knew I wanted.

Valentine's Day is coming up. A big day for me being from the south side of Chicago near Cicero, Illinois where they had a big party back in 1929. It was a bit before my time but few believe me on that issue. Normally Valentine's Day presents would be in their final paint and finish stages. Not so this year. Having some "interference."

As a DIYer with somewhat time consuming & complex projects - adjustable book racks, spice trays, easels, chess / checker / backgammon sets, etc., I have to be one holiday ahead of the calendar.

And, this was a pop-up project when my Daughter's skeleton stand broke in class. Quick, easy but time consuming and interference on other projects - priorities.

So, the question is, what do you want to build for next Christmas? Attach your photo to your comments so others can steal, I mean BORROW your idea.

My Wife saw the lattice work stable I made and now I have a "request" to make lattice work snowmen in the heights of about 24", 30", and 36" along with their snow puppy.

Five alive! Five need input! Five need data! (I love Short Circuit with Ally Sheedy.)