Fidget Toy - Wooden??!!

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Four of the neighborhood kids - one 7 year-old boy, one 9 year-old boy, one 11 year-old girl, and one 12 year-old boy were in the workshop Thursday making little boxes for Mother's Day. Came out pretty good. (I generally do not photograph the kids work or them.)

I had to explain why I wanted them to put names, dates, and the reason on the bottom in Sharpie ink. I have my homemade Mother's Day card in waiting. I know where Wife keeps all my homemade cards after the fact.

Today the 11 year-old girl and 12 year-old boy came back with a broken fidget toy. Hmmm. The plastic will not glue or heat weld. I have plenty of wood and could use a three dimensional printer. Maybe next year for that. Fire up the tools and see what can be done. The result after about forty-five minutes was one broken trial and one that works pretty darn well. The cut-out frame looks like Mickey Mouse. The 7 year-old boy showed up late in the game and thought that the cut-out frame was cool so it will not end up in my fireplace.

And no, I am not going to go into manufacturing fidget toys. My Wife's school prohibits fidget toys in the classroom period and only on the playground with a note of explanation and justification. I have had to ask that they disappear in my college class too. Kind of hoping fidget toys are a short-lived fad.

I still have my pet rock. Nature's beauty.