Not A Fan

Submitted to Community Café

I was quite intrigued by Rust-Oleum's Outdoor Fabric Paint, and ended up buying a can in the Dark Red.  I have two outdoor pillows that are quite faded and was ready to toss them.  Instead I ran them through the wash to get them clean, then waited a few days before spraying them.  After taking 2 days of spraying light coats on both sides I was never able to completely hide the original colors/pattern.  Perhaps I should've used a fabric primer, but didn't have one on hand.

Bottom line:  I used a whole can of paint on one pillow!  Costing over $11 a can, that's a bit pricey for me per pillow.  After several days of the pillow being outside, I find the texture has a rubbery-type of feel, which isn't soft like I was hoping.  Also, there's still a slight paint smell on the pillow.  Someone else may have better results than I did, but for me I won't be using this product again.