Puppy Holders!!!

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I have to share this !!! Yesterday I was at my nephews birthday party. We took our new puppy 'whisky' with us. There was a super cute little boy at the party who wanted to take Whisky for a walk on his leash - but instead of saying leash - he asked me where his "puppy holder" was lol. I knew right then I had to make something that said puppy holders on it because it's the cutest thing I've ever heard! ! Whilst in the shop measuring up to make the cabinet I remembered in my storage room I had been given a load of old drawer boxes!!! So I sanded one down - added some old barn wood to the back, a middle shelf and trimmed everything out. The cabinet was stained with a mix of weathered grey / and dark walnut - then finished with a coat of Triple Thick !!! Now we have a place to hang puppy holders and other doggy related items!!!