Testors Marbling Medium

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 When i received this in the mail i opened the box and the inside was sticky and wet. Somehow the marbling medium had begun leaking and it leaked through the back of its package and all over the inside of the box. First thing i did was get a container to transfer the medium so i could see just how much of it leaked out, based on what was left i didn't think it would be enough to do what i had planned (cute little end table with serving tray to use when handing out Halloween candy) Ive never used marble medium before so i wasn't sure how much i was really going to need so i tried to look for something small to use so i wouldn't end up with a half marbled project. I decided to use a skull decoration we had out for Halloween and under it i put some coasters that way whatever dripped off the skull i could used to marble the coasters. It was so easy to do and so much fun!!!  After the skull and coasters i had some left but not much so i thought id experiment a little so one by one i poured the leftover colors i had, mixing them into one cup, then poured it over glass candle holders i had, i dont like how they turned out, not because of the product( this stuff is awesome) but because i didn't have enough and had to really maneuver it a lot to cover the entire piece. I think the unevenness of it is noticeable and the colors blended together. Despite the few hiccups i had id still say it was well worth it and i would definitely recommend anyone to try it. Thank you testors pouring medium for the opportunity to use this product it was so much fun and quite frankly rather addicting, ive already ordered more and cant wait to receive it and try it again!!!!