Painted Flower Bike

Submitted to Community Chat

In 2017, before I had found Creator's Studio, I was already using a lot of RUST-OLEUM paints. I did this flower bike in Lagoon 2 X Ultra.

Although I show it in an activity among other things I  had painted with RUST-OLEUM paints. I have never submitted the bike in its own submission before.

The reason I wanted to do so today was to show how RUST-OLEUM inspires me. The bike inspired me to do this Watercolor picture which I love. I chose to leave the bike in white for effect in the picture.

So for me the RUST-OLEUM  inspiration goes on and on, one piece inspires another. I'm sure a lot of you find that happening too. Like the bike picture hangs in the bathroom and has inspired all the bathroom pieces which I did in RUST-OLEUM products.:)