Cabinet Transformations on Home Furnishings

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I recently found an old cherry veneer table set for 19.00 at Goodwill. It had been painted a couple of times and was missing its chair seats and leaf. The veneer was lifting ever so slightly on the middle seam of the table and where the legs attached to the table. Also there were light scratches, chips and  scuffs - some I sanded out. It’s been a well loved table.

I knew you could use the cabinet transformations on home furnishings and so I did.Wow!! What a wonderful job it did!! It’s like it put a coating on it for sure. You can still see some marks on the top but very subtle. I didn’t choose to use the optional glaze that’s included. Although I think it would of looked great either way. 

I made a template of the seats. I went to Home Depot and they cut a board into four seats for free but you had to do the curve stuff yourself with a jig saw. Then I went to Joann fabrics and again my seat template came in handy. The associate there was able to tell me exactly how much material I’d need. The foam was easy and sold individual with only slight trimming to shape. We put the seats together and we’re really happy with the set.

All together it took about 1/3 to 1/2 of a kit of Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations in Biscotti. The chair and table set was 19.00, the foam and fabric was 44.00 using coupons and sales and the Wood was 18.00 .

I really enjoyed working with this product on this set. I’m looking forward to doing a China to match. I’d also like to do the kitchen cabinets. Now that I am familiar with this amazing product I will use it again and again!!