So Blessed to be here again.

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How is everyone? I'm so glad to even be able to make this post. I was away for awhile after just finding my people. All of y'all of course. I was in very horrible motorcycle wreck with an 18wheeler on July 31,2022. The 18wheeler pulled out of a truck stop to cross the road in front of my husband and I on the highway. Honestly I watched my life flash before my eyes, never thought I'd be here to see my kids again. It's been really rough time for us. Still have medical issues going on. So I've been depressed can't do much. So my husband said why don't you do a craft and I didn't know what to do. I checked my email and had an email from creator's studio and thought well maybe it was a sign. I can't wait to do a craft and show y'all. Been getting some amazing inspiration from all the posts I've missed.
The one thing I want to share is kiss and hug your loved ones very very close. Because time passes by so fast and you never know what happens. In a flash you or they could be gone.
Thank you for reading my post. I truly needed to vent a little. Have a blessed week.