Handy product for highlights

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I first purchased these rub ons more than 22 years ago in a clearance center not knowing exactly what they were.

Now they are pretty dried up but still usable to some degree but not the creamy texture they were long ago.
A little TESTORS paint thinner does reactivate them nicely however.

Very disheartened not be able to find any information on the company with an Internet search. The Facebook page for this company has not been active in nine years. But after reading the Facebook consumer comments saw Amazon mentioned. Just discovered them FOR SALE on Amazon under metallic rub ons by Craft T.
Listing details
  • They can be used on heavy card stock, wood, glossy paper, clay, ceramic, and many other craft surfaces

Going to order some more. For me there invaluable for highlights. When you spray paint a gold frame, candlestick, lamp or any ceramic item the accent application will give a nice highlight thats easy to apply to raised surface with a fingertip. I believe they are made for specifically for ceramic items after firing and just spray sealer might be recommended. Not educated about the product use and handling- that’s what I do. I’ve transformed many candlesticks, lamps, cast statues  and picture frames using this product.

I have used rub and buff before but I find those little tubes tend to dry out and seem rather wasteful. As I said I’ve had these going for decades I’m starting to hit the bottom of the little impressed pot— it’s time to order more. Something you might want to consider for your craft arsenal- If the colors offered in the palette might meet your needs.

After spray painting a vintage gold raised gilt frame with metallic with Rustoleum the elevated edges will get the highlight from this metallic rub on. Finally mermaid painting can be placed and displayed.