Everybody Needs a Whale

Submitted to Community Chat

I've been wanting to do a big project, and started looking through my "want-to-do" folder, and saw whales ~ LOTS of whales!  So there you go, I now have a whale, and a big one at that at a whopping 45" from head to tail.  First I sketched out my whale on a large board, cut it out with my jigsaw, used a drill press with a forstner bit to create a hole for the eye, then started painting him going from dark blue at the top down to a paler blue at the bottom.  I created the water spout using a hanger, bending into shape, spray painted using silver, drilled 3 holes for the hangers to be placed into, and glued into place.  I then used a spray sealer, added a couple of sawtooth hangers on the back, and the pièce de résistance was popping in his beautiful glass eye.