Quilt / Blanket Rack

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This is my first cold lamination project. I milled two 3/4" white oak boards than glue together. I than glued the pattern to 2 piece's of plywood and one piece of scrap particle board. Cut pattern out with the band saw and taped edges with duct tape so glue would not stick. I than used the table saw to cut 1/8" wide strips for the sides. Glued 6 strips together for each side (bar clamps would of been better). I than glued strips for the feet only using half of the S pattern. I ran everything through the planner one more time to flatten the edges and to get every piece to the same thicknes. I made a pattern for the center bottom board, I wish I had more of a curve in it ( it was tough to glue up). I sanded every thing before the final glue up. I pre drilled as many of the holes with the drill press as possable. I used 5/8" oak dowels for the final glue up.  The strips are 1/8" by 36", the feet were 1/8" by 24", the center is1/8 "strips by 34" and the two top rails are 3/4" solid strips by 34" or so.I need to do one last sanding before apply finish (TBD). This is the first of 3 that my wife wants me to do. One for her, one for the daughter and one for a charity auction coming up this April. Please see attached doc for S curve and you can watch a video of another build of this Rack at:  http://woodworking.formeremortals.net/2012/09/make-a-quilt-rack/

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