Silver bells makeover -two ways

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Having some sucess switching up inexpensive dollar store -plain silver bells to different patinas -two ways. 

I wired the bells with spaces to spray them to allow for movement to coat all sides. With 40 degree weather it involved running outside under the deck for spray paint application and bringing the painted project back in the house to dry.

The first option the bells were very lightly sprayed with satin nutmeg, satin  brown and a small puff of oil rubbed bronze. Final gold and darker black edge highlights were achieved with a rub on type wax using an index fingertip. This 20 yo multicolored wax pallette- I believe -was intended for ceramics, it would be best to clear coat seal it. Handling the bells to twist and 6” space the interval had evidence of some wax wearing off, I’m not sure how the more modern metallic wax buff products work. Alternatively they might be sponged with thinned acrylic paints for another layer of translucent shading.

Option two was a few large brass colord bells (on the wires ends) and the everyday plain silver ones were sprayed metallic gold to match cohesively.

Wiring or stringing the bells with spacing will make an interesting garland or maybe used in a tablescape or napkin ring application. If store bought silver is not your thing- think about some light applications of spray paints. Consider your favorite spray paint colors, other color or patina options might be more exciting-I used what I happened to have on hand here. If I had more Universal satin nickel would have used that -to make the bells a less shiny tin can looking appearance.

Best of all these bells still have the charming jingle after the different color change up.