Yeah I know I am flaky! But it's OK it's Sparkly!

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So I saw this on pintrest and the geek in me just had to try it!  It was a little tricky for this lefty to figure out out to get the pipe cleaners formed into a snow flake form.  But I finally went to the ladies fully blog and she went into a great depth on the making of the beast.  So onces I had the bones of the flake the rest was a breeze.

I think I could possible crystalize everything in my house!  I would have to buy stock in Borax though! LOL

But basically all you use is piper cleaners, string a skewer, boiling water, and a container large enough to hold your flake so it doesn't touch sides or bottom and boom crystal snowflake or whatever.  I even did a pinecone!

The second snowflake didn't turn out as well because it wasn't as large, but I wanted to try it with a silver glittery piper cleaner.  Don't be alarmed either if your container is cated with really hard borax crystals when done.  just add some boiling hot water to it and it will redesolve and you can reuse it or put it in your next laundry load :)


Here is the tutorial if you want to try it!