Decorating idea for Halloween

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This is a fun project. all the little tomb stones have actual sayings from real headstones I got from a Ripleys believe it or not cards I had as a kid. I  drew and cut all the items out of wood and painted them. I used 1/8" dowl rods to hold the tomb stones and other figures in the pumpkin. We took a propane torch to the inside of the pumpkin to make it dark. Cut a moon out in the back of the pumpkin and you can shine a flashlight in the moon to light up the graveyard inside. The other part is the portion of the pumpkin that we cut out for the main opening to extend the graveyard some. Craft moss works for grass around the tombstones. The little dracula coffin actually has a hinged lid and the sign pinned to the pillow "Out to Lunch". I eventually put a cemetary on a piece of plywood with more figures on it. I was making some little items with a ghost and tomb stone or two and sold them like that on shall pieces of wood, This set I ended up selling to a lady who wanted them for her own pumpkin.