Rolling Bamboo Dividers

Submitted to Community Chat

I've been busy with projects for our church.  They needed some room dividers for their children's classrooms and asked if I could build something for them, preferably with bamboo to fit their jungle theme in the main Sunday School room.  After researching bamboo, I found some in a roll at Lowes that was 1 inch thick and measured 6 ft x 8 ft; so that was going to be the general measurements for the dividers.

I started with the basic frame to attach the bamboo to, but then had to calculate the width of the base required to prevent the divider from tipping.  I made everything from 2x3's (a little cheaper than 2x4's).  I added triangle supports at each end for additional support and finished with 3 sets of wheels on the bottom of each so they could move them easily.

Later, they want to finish off the backside with plywood or wallboard to be able to paint scenery and also use them as back drops.    The photos show some of the teachers loading them on their truck.  It was a little scary driving them to the church, but we made it in one piece.  As you can see, as soon as they were in the room everyone hung some of the jungle theme hats on the front.