Whoa.....woods best friend! Thanks Whink!

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      🏆 Whink- Kruckenbergs Gourmet Wood Cleaner 🏆

Provided this product in a sample basket awhile back that sadly got lost in a dark closet storage bin area with multiple cleaning chemicals .

This wood revilitizer works amazingly-wonderfully well on both new and old furniture, accessories, wooden sculptures and carvings.

Used it again today on my every day furniture, grandfather clock, then progressed to revitalize second hand items such as an amish bandbox, carved dogs, and rooster. 
We have some secondhand Craigslist furniture particularly a MCM Drexel golden mahogany bedroom set and a vintage rope chair that really loved the revitalized spa treatment this cleaner polish.

I used to believe that you needed a stain marker or tinted oil polish was necessary to eliminate scratches and dings—that is wrong— this product does it all.

This product is a keeper and will be replenished when the bottle is empty. It smells amazing too.
Clearly exceeded my every expectation.
Made in the USA.
Thanks for the amazing opportunity to try it Rustoleum. My furniture and collectibles are quite refreshed and more visually improved in appearance  now. Delighted to have this superior cleaner polish revitalizer in my wood care arsenal.