Modern Wall Art

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To make these wall hangings you will need:


  • A 10" wooden ring
  • Rust-Oleums Satin Black Paint + Primer
  • A Paintbrush
  • White Posterboard
  • Sissors
  • A Pencil
  • A 'HOT' hot glue gun

Dream Big Dream Catcher:

  • 3 Metal Rings
  • Black Crocheting yarn
  • Large Metal Needle
  • Black Knitting yarn
  • Feathers
  • Painters Tape

It Is Well With My Soul:

  • E-600 Glue
  • Faux Vines
  • Thin White Cotton Rope

Dream Big Instructuons:

  1. Spray Paint the wooden Ring Black. Let dry.
  2. Trace the outer rim of the ring onto posterboard and cut it out. 
  3. Trace the font/quote of your choosing onto the center of your cut out posterboard then fill in with paint (I sprayed a little paint at a time into a lid and dipped my paintbrush into it). Let Dry. Set Asside.
  4. Wrap the 3 metal rings in black knitting yarn. Attach the 3 together by wraping the same yarn around (two at a time) 4x. Once all 3 are wrapped together, individually wrap each ring 4x around the base of the wooden ring.
  5. Hot glue the poasterboar to the back of the wooden ring.
  6. Cut a long strand of Crochetting thread and thread your metal needle. Beging weaving your small 3 rings into dream catchers (I watched a YouTube tutorial for this part).
  7. Now for the base. Cut equal lengths of both the Crochetting and Knitting yarn so that when folded in half you get two stands equalling the length you want eatch strand to be.
  8. Using a Larks Head Knot, attach the strands of yarn to the base of the dream catchers and alternate crochet yarn to knitting yarn (this adds texture).
  9. Hot glue the feathers to the strands in desired location. 
  10. Finally, lay the painter's tape over the yarn in a 'V' shape and cut off the end strands.

It Is Well With My Soul Instructions:

  1. Trace the wooden ring onto posterboard, cut it out. Trace the font/quote, fill it in with paint (again I sprayed paint into a lid and dipped my brush into it). Let Dry.
  2. Hot Glue the posterboard onto the back of the wooden ring.
  3. Cut one strand of thin white cotton rope the length of half your wooden ring. Lay it horizontal against the wall and use painters tape to hold it in place. Make sure there is a little give in the rope. Cut more strands of the white cotton rope equal in length making sure that when folded in half the strands are the desired length. Using a Larks Head Knot, beging attaching each individual strand to the piece you tapped horizontally to the wall. 
  4. Once you have all the strands finished, begin adding random knots one strand at a time. 
  5. Cut the base of all the strands into desired shape (I made mine curve).
  6. Finally, Hot glue the vines to the face of the wooden ring. I used E-600 to make sure it is secure.