Just to make a friend smile

Submitted to Garden/Outdoors

Since Covid hit, I have been covering as caregiver for a lady I met online. We seem to have a shortage of caregivers here and while I'm waiting on carpal tunnel surgery, and I've been in the medical field for 27 years, I knew i could help out when she needed. Susan has pretty severe MS and runs a senior dog rescue called Old Dogs New Tricks and she has so much attitude and spunk. We have the BEST conversations. I also act as her interpreter as she's difficult to understand. She was feeling rather down in the dumps yesterday so last night, when I got home, I wanted to make her something. Besides the furbabies, she loves her plants, so I figured I'd just repaint one of my pots for her. I ended up starting this at 10pm, sanding then spray painting itt with 6 different paints (Rust-Oleum of course). Well, i got a little carried away and the end result was great! I gave it to her today and she absolutely loved it! She was SO excited and wants me to paint her old ones in her backyard. I had fun doing it and her smile was the best thing ever!