Help! I want to “Glitter Paint” everything!!!

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Okay, is it super weird that I have literally kept a quart of Rustoleum Silver Glitter Paint on my kitchen counter now since I received it like a really long time ago? Well I have quite possibly applied it to almost everything I can! Trash can? Let’s glitter paint that $”@&. Headboard? Let’s glitter paint that.... ummm no joke the list goes on...

It’s just so much fun! It’s also very subtle which allows you to control your shimmer or let it shine! 

It even works amazing on fabric!!! Yes, fabric!!!! I made some throw pillows for spring and really wanted white to brighten up our dingy couch. Problem is we have 5 kids, a boxer and a Doberman which means nothing is sacred or white around here... so after I made the pillows, I applied a couple coats of the paint over the colored area on the pillow and very lightly over the white. The result is a very comfy pillow (no stiffness AT ALL!) that is feels like fabric but can be lightly wiped down and cleaned with a damp cloth!!!!!  

Then the coolest is our kids had to build pine cars for a pine car derby. Guess who has the flashiest looking (and fast) cars?! The kids with the glitter paint of course! Lol

Its not like paint guys, it’s like magic fairy dust that can be put everywhere (when your spouse isn’t home to stop you that is... lol)

I SOOO love this stuff Rustoleum!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️