Dollar tree birthday bag repurposed recycled

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Party ideas
Something I’ve never done before.

I’ve seen some of the influencers print up character party posters, but I decided to recycle this used torn birthday bag. I was hoping to make some more decorations for the birthday girl.
This used bags tear was patched with tape and both decorative sides mounted to poster board. Other decorative elements and personalizations applied.
An economical way to make posters for party time and ability to personalized to your theme.
A glue stick and paint make it possible.

if desired, this board could be more generic in personalization for reuse with the name plaque applied with painters tape, which I did. Used cardstock on posterboard -it’s removable.

Additionally if — age appropriate, these thinner quality bags, could also be used to make piñata’s or to make a pin the tail on the animal type poster for game play. I did think about a corn hole overlay template for my existing shark board, but decided against it.