Krud Kutter Inside & Out

Submitted to Community Café

I wasn't able to submit in time for the challenge, we've been delaing with a few other things here in Baton Rouge for the last few days!

I did have a chance to try the Krud Kutter Heavy Duty Cleaner on our ancient cooktop, and the hood metal filter. I sprayed in under the burners, and around the counter edges that sit underneath it. It looked disgusting, an orange-y gooey gunk all the way around. And really, I do clean this but it comes back quick! After a few minutes, I wiped all the areas with a sponge and was surprised that most of the goop came right off. A couple of spots needed the scrubby side of the sponge, but then it all was clean. The filter was sprayed liberally and sat in the sink while I cleaned the cooktop. It didn't come completely clean, but the picture you see is after just rinsing with water - no scrubiing of any kind!

The other thing I had a chance to clean was a vinyl trellis I have on my patio fence. It had dirt, plus some mold on it. I used 2 types of Krud Kutter just to try them out. Krud Kutter Mold & Mildew and Original. Both worked terrific! Sprayed, let it sit for a few minutes and it wiped off with a sponge. After hosing it off, it looked great again.

I think they all did a great job helping get some pretty tough things clean - and I didn't feel like any of them were especially strong smelling, and they didn't irritate my skin at all.