What should I do with this antique chandelier?

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A neighbor who recently lost her mother wanted to throw away this old wrought iron 8 candle chandelier.   She told me that all her life she remembers this hanging in her mother's house.   This chandelier moved with them many times.  So, to me it was heart breaking to just see this go into the trash.   So my nieghbor gave it to me and i don't know what to do with it.  

From what I gather from the family the chandelier is over 75 years old.    I used hot soapy water and cleaned the many years of dust and dirt from it.  It does have some areas of rust.  Should I sanded it down and repaint it?   Or does repainting it actually take away from the piece being considered an antique?  I do have to fix the candle light covers since some are broken.   All of the candelabra shades are metal and are in great shape.  

Any of your suggestions would greatly be appreciated.   Thanks so much!