Coffe Table Project with "Metal" Finish

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Just finished up this coffee table recently!  The top is made from 2 x 8's and the bottom is made from 2 x 2's and 1 x 2's.  I finished the top in a dark walnut stain with 3 coats of poly, and the bottom is done with the finish shown in the Bower Power video I saw here!  This was originally going to go out in our shop/cigar lounge area, but we decided it was too pretty to have out there and put in in our living room.  It is quite large in here, but it still very pretty!  :)  I got the original plans from Rogue Engineer, but there were some discrepencies in those plans (they were some of his earlier plans...can't hold it against him!) that I overcame :)  The plans were made after the Zuo Elliott Table that was priced at $500...but made a replica for around $50ish.  BOOM!