Spray Paint Not Spraying Properly

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Hello! I haven't had this issue before, but I am on my second can of the same paint with this issue, so I thought I'd ask about it.
I have been using the 2X paint in Blossom White, Satin finish to spray a wood chair I am refinishing. The last 2 cans have been spraying inconsistently, leaving a "snowy" texture behind on the chair...feels like sandpaper once it dries, not the smooth satin finish I am used to. So, I've had to sand the chair again to get rid of the texture and now I'm trying to add one more coat to smooth things out...but, not having any luck. In one photo, you can see the white residue left on my hand after I tried to brush the "snow" off the chair...a powdery dust. If I let that dry...sandpaper.
Is anyone else experiencing this? Do I just have a couple defective cans? I just bought the paint on Friday, so I can't imagine the cans are old. Anything I can try to get the paint to spray properly?
Thanks for your help.