I got the blues!!

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Well not literally ;) like anyone here my main driving force when finishing projects and trying new things is always prefaced by the phrase "I wonder what would happen if ....." and that's how the best effects and products are made!!! So faced with Rustoleums Navy / bleached / white stains - I wanted to have a play!! Years ago when I started building furniture - I made a mirror from old barn board (yes I am lucky enought to live in an area of plentiful supply) it wasn't my greatest build but seeing as it was the first thing I made I didn't want to get rid of it. It wasn't the Grey'd out barnwood - it was the type that had those lovely rich brown tones - heck I didn't even sand this thing down when I made it! So on the weekend I thought this was a great project to try the "what if" theory on. The barnwood being very weathered has a massively open grain meaning if you stain or top coat with most things the colour changes to a very dark tone. I wanted to know what the white and blues would do to this untreated wood. So I washed over the whole lot with the white stain - it gave it a gorgeous almost Beachwood feel - totally changed the brown. Not content with stopping there I used the two blue tones and randomly applied them in areas and THEN took a wire brush and scrubbed everything into the grain. I love the result this gave and will be using it in the future