Air plants in a reused Altoid tin - teacher gifts!

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As I am sure you know by now, I have a really hard time throwing things away, always thinking...I could do something with this.  In an effort to prevent myself from being a guest on Hoarders in 20 years, I try and use some of these items come the holidays.

Now that my son is in high school, I find it more difficult to figure out what to get his teachers that they have not gotten 500 times before (mugs and ornaments!).  While I made a cute initial bag for his English teacher (lovely lady), I wanted to make something cool for his PreAP Calc and Chemistry teacher (both young  males).

I took an altoid tin and spray painted it in glossy black.

I then tried to make it classroom themed.  The Chemistry has a desk with different "chemicals" and a small notebook that I made from random paper and a Sharpie.  In the background I found an image of a periodic table and printed in 2x3 format.  Fits almost perfect in there.  For the Calc teacher, I made a copy of a cheet sheet I found online and then got a chalkboard and wrote a formula I found online and hugely happy I would not ever have to work out.  I'm more of an English girl. :)


I then ordered some air plants, which are some of my favoite gifts to give.  These will survive easily with only a little natural light and very little upkeep.

So many fun things can be done when you re use items that would usually be considered trash!

Here is hoping they like them!!