How Does "Stuff" accumulate sp quickly?

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First, let me say, I am not a fan of receiving my mail by internet.  I am part of a small business, in addition to being retired, and even if I used the internet, I would still need much of the items for taxes.  But, do I ever get mail!  So much that many days our postman has to personally carry it to the door because the mailbox will not hold it all.  


To deal with the onslaughts of mail, I try every day when the mail comes, to immediately sit and sort through the entire stack.  I always open everything because some places will attach small pieces of money to try and get you onboard their oganizations.   If the contents are useable, I make stacks and then when finished, put the things in their designated places.  Checks go into my purse to be taken to the bank and placed in my "mad money" fund that I use for things I want such as a trip, special item (you get the point)  Bills are paid immediately and magazines are set aside to be read, then carried to a store where they will be sold.  What leftover considered recycled, go into the container outside.  I find by diligently completing these steps, I am able to handle the mail. Mailmen say they are thankful someone still uses their services and we are keeping their jobs for them!