Finally able to do some stuff on here again!

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Finally able to get on here again! My laptop died, and I've been able to look at stuff on the site, but my phone is just too frustrating to type anything of any reasonable length on. I'm on my grandson's tablet until I scrape together the cash for a really nice laptop. I refuse to buy anything less than a 15 inch because the keyboard is just too small for my huge fingers. lol My grandson's tablet has a regular USB port, and a standard keyboard works perfectly. lol I've got some parts on order so I can use the old drive which has all the pics from christmas on it. It was my video that died, so the drive is still good. Anyway, Christmas went well, both the neighbor boys loved their presents, and I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate  Lisa and The great folks at rustoleum for the excellent paint they sent me for finishing the Christmas presents.

I misse4d you all a lot! It's going to be a long day for us here because last I checked, we have 10 inches of snow onthe ground. I've already started calling the other guys in the neighborhood to start digging the lederly and disabled people out in the neighborhood, and we are starting that about 4. Hope everyone out there is safe!