Good gracious-Imagine glitter packs a punch!

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Opened up my sample jar of red IMAGINE glitter for the first time today to help accent a birthday sign. Wow it has more sparkle than I could have imagined.
Appreciate the sampler prize package greatly.
It’s a treat to sample products that I would not likely have been aware of or consider purchasing. I have a drawer full of glitters, this was effortless, far less messy and much like an epoxy suspension.

I did observe  -it should dry naturally -unlike acrylic paint- it did not like the introduction of heat to help assist my effort to remove the stencil asap. Don't put a sealer over it to dull shine.

Thanks for making my project so much better......
Look out Christmas and Halloween some red sparkle may be in the planning......if only I needed to make some ruby slippers.....

Disclaimer it was not used on the matching T shirt.