Bad A**Shark

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Bad A** Shark!!!  He's a braces wearing, mermaid loving, fish are friends not food kind of shark!  Check out his eyes, you can see the mermaid he is adoring!

Once again I dove into my crappy wood pile to create this shark.  Drew the design on the crappy board, cut him out using my jigsaw, and gave him a good sanding.  Using Rust-Oleum spray paints, I did a base color in Blossom White, let dry, then created an ombre effect using Classic Navy, Ink Blue, and Country Gray.  I used white craft paint for the teeth, and the gums I used a mixture of pink, white, and tan.  Created the furrowed brow using DAS Air Dry Clay, and let that dry for a couple of days before using Weldbond Glue to attach.  Glued letter beads on the teeth using Weldbond, then slipped some wire through the holes to create the braces, and glued those into place at their ends.  Sprayed the whole thing with Rust-Oleum's Satin Clear.  Glued the eyes in place with Weldbond.  Then added a hanger on the back, and this bad boy is done!!!